What we do

HR Onsite provides professional and responsive support in all matters relating to human resource management, including salary, wage, and fee-for-service contract administration; pay and benefits management; recruitment; occupational health and safety; job classification; employee relations and performance appraisal; training and employee development; and issues related to attendance, maternity, illness, and workers' compensation leaves.
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Almost every small business is challenged with the same problem. You need Human Resources functions but there are other more pressing investment requirements than taking on the overhead of a full time HR person. Having employees means following legal guidelines, setting minimum standards and maintaining a positive work environment. In addition, you need to get the right people in the right jobs doing the right things well to make the company successful. A bad hire in a small business becomes a very big liability very quickly. Underperforming managers and employees can, with guidance and direction, become high performers. These are the issues that Nova Training and Consulting will help you resolve without you having to resort to the full time expense of internal HR person.

How we help you

We come into your place of business and work with your team to create the necessary policies and procedures that meet your needs to move your business forward. We dig deep into the cause and effect of the problems you are experiencing to make sure you make the right changes to improve your business. We create what is needed, when it is needed, and continue to support your implementation until it is successful. We are always only a phone call away.

A partial list of the services we provide

Human Resource Services
• Create job descriptions
• Create health and safety policies
• Create confidentiality forms
• Assist employees in understanding their job functions, based on new job descriptions
• Assist manager(s) in interviewing for new hires 
• Create interview and reference checking guides
• Conduct exit interviews on exiting employees
• Assist in assessment, selection and induction in the hiring process
• Create a performance system that works for the company
• Create recognition policy
• Create corrective action policy
• Source out health and dental benefit providers
• Source out group RRSP plans
• Provide labour relations expertise as needed

Training and Coaching Services
• Train the employees and manager(s) in customer service skills
• Train manager(s) on the use of the performance system
• Train employees how to prepare for performance reviews
• Train manager(s) on providing on-going feedback throughout the year
• Coach manager(s) on their performance
• Help with time management problems, communication issues, team building challenges and any other training needs identified
• Provide psychometric assessment to determine a person’s fit with the job

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